Krav maga

There’s nothing better than spending your weekend immersed in the art of Krav Maga, with Tel Aviv as your backdrop. A veritable hub for business, innovation, the arts, culture, history and more, Tel Aviv is welcoming of visitors and tourists from around the world, providing stunning scenes you can train amid, such as the beach, Yarkon Park, and many a fight club and gym. Join Ran Nakash, Itay Danneberg and XFighting’s team of elite trainers for three days of Krav Maga, self-defense, military fighting and other training sessions, customized to meet your level of skill and familiarity with hand-to-hand combat. Anyone can join, train and succeed.

About the course:

XFighting offers a highly personalized course that takes place over a three-day weekend (15 hours of training a day), starting on Friday at 2 PM on the shores of Tel Aviv’s beach and continuing on Saturday and Sunday at the famous Nakash Gym. During the course, you’ll become acquainted with several fighting techniques, customized to meet each group’s level of skill and needs. There is a minimum requirement of 8 trainees for any course to open.

Optional Syllabus

  • Hand and foot fighting – basic and advanced
  • Defense against knife attacks – basic and advanced
  • Defense against stick attacks – basic and advanced
  • Defense against gun attacks – basic and advanced
  • Integration of contact and gun fighting (simulation)
  • Aggression and perseverance training
  • Battle preparation and simulation
  • Military training
  • Training to fight under duress

What’s included in the price:




Admission to training places



Training t-shirts

Total Price:   390 Euro  

*price is inclusive of all the training, classes, lectures and activities
*the price is not including accommodation
*minimum of 8 to open, if you sign up you will be able to choost other dates if your class does not open.


Our training center’s location in the heart of Tel Aviv means that you can easily choose from many hotels, guest houses and even AirBnbs – the accommodations that best suit your desired level of comfort, luxury and budget. We’re happy to help you find the best place for YOU to stay in the vibrant Israeli metropolis!


Upgrade your stay in Tel Aviv with some of the most exciting and entertaining excursions and attractions the bustling metropolis has to offer:

  • Shooting range
  • Combat-oriented historic excursion in Tel Aviv
  • VIP protection day

Want to learn more? We’ll send you an email with all the details upon your registration to the course.

Are you ready to fight?