The world of VIP protection (bodyguards) is demanding and requires a highly-honed skill set – and Israel is leading the world in this field. Join us for 7 intensive days of theoretical and practical VIP protection training at XFighting’s club in Tel Aviv and in stunning locations across the country. Learn what to watch for, how to prevent incidents and how to take perps down with true Israeli moxy and a show of strength. Transportation and other amenities are included.

Optional Syllabus

  • Review of basic Krav Maga skills and techniques
  • The foundations of personal security and its elements
  • Working as a single, personal bodyguard
  • Working as a team
  • Suspicious signs and points of vulnerability
  • When others intervene
  • Guarding while walking
  • Entering and exiting vehicles
  • Integration of fighting and weapons while guarding alone
  • Defense against various types of attacks using Krav Maga
  • And more.

About the City:

Fight to protect your very important persons

Tel Aviv isn’t just home to Israel’s scaling business world, it’s also where many celebrities and other important people come to unwind, and enjoy great beats, eats and other treats. As such, it is the ideal backdrop for XFighting’s VIP Protection course. Learn to protect very important persons, in the city they are most likely to make deals – and cut a rug.

Preconditions for joining

● Two years of training in Krav Maga under XFighting, or another recognized organization.
● Presentation of a complete CV
● Preparation of a video demonstrating how you would defend others using various techniques: hand and foot fighting, defense against a knife attack, defense against a club attack and defense against a gun attack.
● Presentation of a copy of your passport and police certificate of good conduct.
● Completed application form.

What’s included in the price:




Admission to training locations


Certificate upon completion

Training t-shirts

Total Price:   1800 Euro  

*Price includes all training, classes, lectures and activities.
*Price does not include accommodations.
*Minimum of 8 trainees required to open course; trainees can select alternative dates if their first choice does not open. Maximum 15 trainees per course.


Our training center’s location in the heart of Tel Aviv means that you can easily choose from many hotels,
guest houses and even AirBnbs –
the accommodations that best suit your desired level of comfort, luxury and budget.

We’re happy to help you find the best place for YOU to stay in the vibrant Israeli metropolis!


Upgrade your stay in Tel Aviv with some of the most exciting and entertaining excursions and attractions the bustling metropolis has to offer:

  • Shooting range
  • Combat-oriented historic excursion in Tel Aviv
  • VIP protection day

Want to learn more? We’ll send you an email with all the details upon your registration to the course.

Are you ready to fight?