Discover your true fighting potential in the desert

Train in Krav Maga like Israel’s Special Forces

Coming November 3, 2019


Discover your true fighting potential in the desert

Train Krav Maga like Israel’s Special Forces


Hone your fighting capabilities at our elite Krav Maga immersion retreat

All-inclusive 6 day combat Krav Maga Camp in Israel’s southern desert city of Eilat

About X fighting

Founded by elite members of the IDF with unmatched combat experience, XFighting teaches a battle-tested fighting system that offers genuine solutions to modern-day threats. Designed and monitored by the same leaders establishing programs for the top levels of the Israeli military, our program is constantly assessed and updated to reflect the newest developments in combat training. XFighting is practical and effective for members of the highest echelons of law enforcement, military operatives, and security agents. Taught by only the most highly qualified trainers, we focus on skill, strength, and real fighting experience, so you can prepare for the worst and fight your best.

Syllabus and course contents:

  1. Fighting in various field conditions
  2. Obstacle courses
  3. Defense against knife and multiple assailant attacks
  4. Defense against gun and multiple assailant attacks
  5. Striking and sparring
  6. Teamwork
  7. Combat fitness
  8. Environmental awareness – Learning and development of skills to identify what is unusual in the field, prevent violence and improve response abilities.
  9. Learning and improvement of mental capabilities to cop with stress and uncertainty.
  10. Learning and practicing the order of actions to be taken during severe violent events (civilian) via simulation.
  11. Desert survival skills development
  12. Self-confidence boosting via dedicated safety activities.

The Hotel

Prepare to spend 4 nights at the Astral Palma Hotel in Eilat, where large suites, fantastic food, access to exciting water sports and an inviting pool surrounded by a luxurious wooden deck await. Take in the sun, the sand and the sea before and after training sessions, relaxing on the grounds of what has been hailed “The cleanest hotel in Eilat,” by Channel 10 News. Or, venture out just a few paces and immerse yourself in the vibrant tourist atmosphere that is Eilat’s boardwalk, Ice Mall and all they entail.

A Night to Remember:

One night only! Connect to the land, nature and yourselves on an overnight stay at Kfar Hanokdim, located in the heart of the Judean Desert, where hospitality is a truly unique experience. Prepare to sleep in tents, sample Bedouin delicacies and ride camels. Disconnecting from the hustle and bustle of city life has never been so simple, or so intuitive!

The Area

Take full advantage of vast expanses of the southern desert region to fully immerse yourself in the demanding combat course. We’ll be based in Eilat, Israel’s ultimate tourist hotspot and the country’s unofficial riviera town, where you’ll find may attractions and amenities to enjoy in between sessions, but will also be able to disconnect, commune with nature and hone your skills like never before.

Are you ready?
This is a taste of what’s waiting for you:

Arrival at the hotel – room assignments – opening ceremony and cocktail hour

First Krav Maga training session

Long night training session – Fighting and survival in the field

A full day of fighting in a structured setting-CQB WARFARE  
Weapons and Krav Maga training – At a classified training facility in Eilat

Evening activity – Lecture  by an elite IDF unit officer

A special training session in a civilian/urban setting

Spy games, confidence-boosting exercises, preventative behavior activities, various attack simulations and more…

Intense Krav Maga desert training session

Leadership and teamwork workshop

Instensive fighting day

Training at Eilat’s Tactical Combat Training Center – A day of training in a CQB training cener  using unique tools and techniques, battles, close-range encounters, multiple attackers and more

Party at Eilat nightclub!

Free half day to enjoy the Eilat’s Red Sea and the swimming pool

Afternoon – travel to the Judean Desert village of Kfar Hanokdim

Tent assignment and time to settle in

Desert survival training, desert Krav Maga training, preparations for the morning’s stretcher trek

Bonfire and night assignment

Departure on journey to capture Masada

A lengthy journey throughout the Judean Desert, during which stops will be made to engage in desert Krav Maga training sessions. Following the journey, Masada will be ascended via the “Snake Path.” At the top of the hilltop fortress, the camp’s closing ceremony will be held.

Dinner and wrapping up at Kfar HaNokdim

Dispersion to a choice of locations: Dead Sea, Eilat, Tel Aviv

plus, so much more that we can’t share here.


  Camp participant  

This package includes accommodations in a Junion Suite at the Astral Palma Hotel in Eilat, as well as three daily meals (lunch will be eaten at the various training sites).

The package also includes a final night of accommodations at the Kfar HaKnokdim outdoor experience center.

All training sessions, equipment, insurance, travel arrangements and other camp necessities are included in the packages as well.

Pricing for a participant sleeping in a two-person room: 1550 Euro  

Pricing for a participant sleeping in a one-person room: 1790 Euro 

  Visitor (non-participant)  

This package  includes accommodations in a Junion Suite at the Astral Palma Hotel in Eilat, as well as two daily meals – breakfast and supper. Lunch is to be organized independedntly.

The package also includes a final night of accommodations at the Kfar HaKnokdim outdoor experience center and access to Masada.

The package does NOT include access to training sites, aside for the closing party and ceremony on Masada.

Visitors will bunk with the camp participants they accompany.

Pricing for a camp visitor: 700 Euro  

Earlybird discount:

Early registration will be open until 10.9.19 
sign up and receive a huge 20% discount on camp participant packages!

Earlybird Pricing for a participant sleeping in a two-person room – 1,240‬€  
Earlybird Pricing for a participant sleeping in a One-person room – 1,432‬€

No discount will be given to those signing up as camp visitors.

For more information, contact Adi, our Community Manager at .
She is ready and happy to answer your every question and concern.

Some of our trainees and what they had to say

Some of our trainees and what they had to say

Eilat Camp FAQ

The most commonly asked questions on our camp.

Feel free to contact us via email should any of your questions remain unanswered, or if you have a personal question of your own.

Israel is one of the safest countries in the world! Our local crime rates are among the world’s lowest, and the prevalence of terror attacks on Israeli soil are near negligible. Eilat, the southern tourist city our camp is run out of is extremely safe – and disconnected from any potentially conflict-ridden zone.

Absolutely! The camp focuses on fighting and self-defense – in all its forms. People who practice other martial arts can attend the camp and learn a ton; our camp is the ideal enrichment program for anyone who dabbles in the martial arts.

No. We start off as a team and complete the program as a team.

Camp participants receive a certificate stating that they have “Completed an XFighting camp” at the end of the program, provided that they have met XFighting’s standards and criteri physical, behavioral and moral, which all members of our community are required to uphold.

The camp is highly intensive, but you don’t need to be in outstanding physical shape. If you regularly train in the martial arts and are in good health, this is the camp for you.

We will do everything in our power to keep you from quitting – by leveraging the power of our community. We start as a group and end as a group. That being said, we will never force anyone to remain in the program.

Certainly! Eilat is the ultimate vacation city. We will be staying at a central hotel within walking distance of the sea, shopping centers and attractions. The hotel has its own, pampering pool, a variety of water sport options and plenty of kid-friendly attractions. You can bring along people who will not be taking part in the camp and pay a discounted rate for their accommodations, as detailed in the Packages section. Take into account that your guests (non-participants) cannot visit the training centers.

For more details, click here Packages.

Once you’ve signed up to take part in the camp, you will receive an e-mail with exact details on what you should bring with. You will also be able to freely communicate with Adi, our Community Manager, who will happily answer your every question.

You can cancel your registration and have your registration fee returned up until three weeks before the camp begins – 13.10.19.

You can choose from a single-room, double-room or three-person-room package, and will be charged accordingly. If you want to room with someone specific, just let Adi, our Community Manager know, and she’ll make the necessary arrangements. If you don’t know anyone else participating in the camp, we’ll randomly assign you to bunk with another participant.

Hot and sunny throughout most of the year. In November, the weather will be warm and pleasant during the day, and slightly cooler at night.

The camp begins on Sunday at 2 PM. We will meet at the hotel. You can fly directly to Eilat (Ramon Airport) from Europe, and hail a cab or take a shuttle bus straight to the hotel. Participants landing in Tel Aviv can board an Xfighting minibus from Tel Aviv to the hotel on Sunday morning at 9 AM. All travel plans will be coordinated between you and Adi, out Community Manager, following your registration.

Our camp program culminates in the Dead Sea region, near Masada. Once the program is officially over, you have three choices:
1. Stay in the Dead Sea – It’s a great gem of a tourist spot. There will be an organized bus.
2. Head back to Eilat – Our bus will travel via Ramon Airport
3. Head to Tel Aviv – Our bus will travel via Ben Gurion International Airport

Yes. You must be at least 16 years old to take part in the camp.

Yes, the training camp is an accelerated program that enables us to acquire techniques and additional capabilities in order to feel safer and better defend ourselves. That being said, the training process beings with the trainee taking full responsibility for their learning – progress is achieved on an individual basis, depending on the trainee’s investment in the program.

Of course. XFighting’s goal is to create a professional, international community that enables you to receive ongoing support and guidance throughout the year. We also run other training camps and seminars throughout the year and around the world.

We view Krav Maga as a lifestyle that can influence every possible field of life. As such, we will teach you a wide variety of physical and mental tools to help you cope with various life challenges, such as stress, uncertainty, etc.

Absolutely. Krav Maga does not discriminate based on gender. Everyone should know how to defend themselves, much like in reality. At XFighting, we believe that everyone is capable, and everyone trains together.

We believe that Krav Maga is a way of life that focuses on our sense of safety, confidence and capability in all aspects of personal and social life. As such, despite there being a great emphasis on training in physical techniques, the camp also contains several mental and experiential training sessions that enable you to acquire other tools needed to overcome life challenges.

XFighting Guarantee

We are so confident that this will be the best Krav Maga combat military immersion training camp that you’ve ever experienced, we’re going to put our money where our mouth is. We’ve never had a complaint from any of our thousands of trainees. But if you feel that you haven’t received the best combat Krav Maga training in the world, we will reimburse you, no questions asked.

Are you ready to become the best combat Krav Maga warrior you can be?

Xfighting Intensive Krav Maga Camp

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