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There’s nothing better than spending your week immersed in the art of Krav Maga, with Tel Aviv as your backdrop. A veritable hub for business, innovation, the arts, culture, history and more, Tel Aviv is welcoming of visitors and tourists from around the world, providing stunning scenes you can train amid, such as the beach, Yarkon Park, and of course our Xfighting fight club and gym. Join Ran Nakash, Itay Danneberg and XFighting’s team of elite trainers for 6 days of Krav Maga, self-defense, military fighting and other unique and amazing training sessions. Anyone can join, train and succeed.


Few places on earth stir up passion the way that Israel does: the breathtaking beauty of its hills and valleys, the eerie stillness of the Dead Sea, the ancient walls and pathways of Jerusalem, the beauty of Caesarea and the historical stories situated inside the ancient ruins of Masada mountain. 
Israel is an exciting, challenging, remarkable and full of surprises place to travel in, Israel always leaves a strong imprint on its visitors and makes them crave for more.


  • 2.4 – 12pm – Gathering, registration and opening conversation, first training session at the gym, Lecture about Israel and Krav Maga
  • 3.4 – Sunrise beach training, 2nd training session in the gym, tour in Jaffa, Friday dinner
  • 4.4 – Beach training, Saturday noon at Tel Aviv Gordon beach, training at Yarkon Park
  • 5.4 – Caesarea and Zikhron Yaacov travel and training, Evening Workshops on Leadership and Team Building and Seminars.
  • 6.4 – Tactical training at Abu Gush with Xfighting tactical amd shooting instructors and tour in Jerusalem followed By a Lecture from a Senior IDF Officer.
  • 7.4 – Conquering Masada, training session at the desert and relaxing at the Dead Sea
  • 8.4 – summarizing drill at a secret location and certificate ceremony

About Xfighting:

Founded by Ran Nakash and Itay Danneberg, elite members of the IDF’s Krav Maga Division, army trainers with unmatched coaching experience, XFighting teaches battle-tested fighting skills that offer genuine solutions to modern-day threats and trains today’s Krav Maga elite. Our training programs are the most innovative, updated and comprehensive on the market. We focus on skill, strength, real fighting experience, to prepare you for the worst, so you can fight your best, survive and thrive.

XFighting is forging a new standard in Krav Maga. Designed and monitored by the same leaders establishing programs for the top levels of the Israeli military, our programs are constantly assessed and updated to reflect the newest developments in combat training. Taught by only the most highly qualified trainers, XFighting is not just for anyone; it’s practical and effective for members of the highest echelons of law enforcement, military operatives, security agents and anyone who wants to learn to train hard, fight smart and learn from the best. We maintain an exclusive global network of highly qualified trainers by upholding high acceptance criteria and only work with the best in the industry.

Why XFighting?

  • Unmatched military and law enforcement experience
  • An Israeli-based organization with the highest level of expertise in Krav Maga, shooting and combat
  • Modern and advanced operational management methods
  • We set a personal example for conduct and combat
  • We put your needs first
  • We take care of our own


the camp will be at 950 Euros for early birds (till the end of February) or 1050 Euros at full price.
This price includes the full training days, the trips we have planned to Jerusalem and The Dead Sea, Massada, Zichron Yaakov, lectures by differents peoples and everyday lunch meals and snacks.

Want to get trained in your home country?

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Xfighting Intensive Krav Maga Camp

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